In 2015, Larger Visions director Kate Siner proposed the latest Larger Visions Project: Emotional Intelligence Workshops for Teens. This project will launch late spring 2016.


Women Leading Change Leadership Project:

In 2012-2014, Larger Visions offered a collaboratively based women’s leadership project designed to heighten the sensitivity of aspiring women leaders dedicated to social change








Guatemala Community Work Project:

From 2012-2014 Larger Visions worked with women from a rural town in Guatemala to help them improve their lives through a community work project. This project allowed them to sell hand-woven scarves to US buyers to help them support their families.





544800_488452374520159_380206486_n  Emotional Intelligence Training:

In 2013, Larger Visions met with three different groups of women leaders in Guatemala to teach them the skills that would help them deal with their own trauma as well as the trauma of others. This training emphasized emotional intelligence.